Oscar Manjarrez

Graphic Designer, Package Designer, Mockup Artist


About Me

Graphic and Packaging Designer

I have 15+ years’ experience in graphic design and I hope to be doing this for the rest of my life. I have extensive experience in developing packaging designs from concept to finish in both team and individual settings. This entails researching seasonal trends, taking rough sketches to digital mock-ups which I then turn into physical prototypes to then create the final product, all while adhering to the brand guide.

Name: Oscar Manjarrez
Experience: 15+ Years
Phone: 773 512 2965
Email: oscar@blueshelldesign.com
Location: Seattle, Washington
Freelance: Available


My Experience

Graphic Designer

Trident Seafoods | 2023 - 2024

Designing packaging for Costco and various retailers while utilizing different printing processes with vendors in the United States and overseas. Collaborating with other Designers as well as working individually to create various marketing materials including packaging designs, posters, point-of-sale materials and logos. While managing multiple projects and timelines from design conception to file production including assisting with press checks and photo shoots.

Graphic & Packaging Designer/Mock Up Artist

MSRF, Inc. | 2017 - 2023

As part of a team, I designed artwork and constructed packaging for food gift items which were sold in major retail chains. Responsibilities include pattern design, logo design, proper management and use of brand assets, file management and organization, packaging dieline creation, and sample building.

Production Designer

Easterseals | 2016 - 2016

Updating various company logos with their new Pantone color branding and saving them in different formats for future use.

Packaging Mock Up Artist

MSRF, Inc. | 2016 - 2016

Working with a small creative team I was responsible for mocking up various package concepts to be shown to clients.

Graphic Designer

8Looocky | 2015 - 2016

Working with various clients I helped to develop and produce different brand appropriate solutions, which included business cards, apparel, and websites.

Graphic Designer

Well Being Buddy | 2013 - 2014

As a team, I created templates and browser icons for a website meant to help the elderly better interact with their healthcare providers.

Graphic Designer

Creative Go-Round | 2012 - 2013

Working in a team, I assisted in creating a branding system for a youth center, a website to help gift presents to children for Christmas, and interior signage for a medical facility.


My Skills

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
Packaging Design
Sample Making


My Portfolio

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